The Quintessential Beauty Group provides a full spectrum of sales and business development services for beauty manufacturers targeting high-end salons, spas, prestige retailers and distribution partners worldwide. Quintessential Beauty Group leverages its unique and specialized beauty industry expertise to develop and implement integrated marketing and sales solutions tailored to the needs of each partner company. 

  • STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Our knowledge and experience of channel-specific markets is what your company needs to gain the competitive edge. Rather than committing your financial resources to building your own sales and marketing team, outsource these responsibilities to the Quintessential Beauty Group.
  • SALES REPRESENTATION: Knowing who and how in the marketplace can be confusing at best and investing in resources to build your own sales force can be cost prohibitive. We can establish a highly experienced Rep Network that will put your product in front of the key decision makers. 
  • MASTER DISTRIBUTION: As a manufacturer, you don't have time to learn the distribution game. Leave that to us. We can manage the distribution for you or place your products with the right distribution partners that will provide access and visibility to your target markets. 
  • EQUITY INVESTMENT: There are times when growing a company requires more than know how. Quintessential Beauty Group also makes equity investments in partner companies that share a common vision, but are lacking that much needed capital to make it happen. 

Whether you are marketing an established national brand or are looking to launch a new product line, the Quintessential Beauty Group can bring a wealth of knowledge, access and business development experience to your organization.

Your success is our mission!