Why Quintessential Beauty Group

The landscape of the beauty industry is changing every day. New products...new technologies...new ways of reaching consumers...Therefore, there are many reasons why organizations may consider outsourcing their sales and marketing initiatives. Take a look and see which of these apply to you and your company: 

  • Investing in resources to build your own sales force is cost prohibitive.
  • The recruitment, management and motivation of sales personnel is too challenging and time consuming.
  • You have invested time and money into developing a product and the product needs to get to market quickly and at an affordable cost.
  • Your organization is lacking the domain knowledge required to enter new markets.
  • The more traditional forms of reaching customers (advertising, catalogues, media, commercials, and print ads) aren’t yielding the results you expect.
  • Your organization is lacking the advanced skills required to grow sales within existing markets and mature accounts.
  • Existing account management takes up too much of your time and/or resources that would be better spent in other areas.
  • You are charged with growing the sales and finding new business, but haven’t been given the resources or capital required to support an in-house initiative.
  • Heavy turnover within your sales organization is compromising your sales efforts.
  • Your travel and expense budget is eroding your profit margin.
  • Your selling expenses don’t rise and fall with your sales volume, which proves especially difficult during economic downturns.

Put simply, you need better results at a lower cost.